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Bottle Packaging and Design

Since founding our company in 1975, Mittleman/Robinson has become renowned in outstanding bottle packaging and design. We have substantial depth in the high end spirits category, including custom bottles for Smirnoff Vodka, Jose Cuervo Tequila, VO Gold, Kahlua Royale, Wild Turkey and many other brands. Additionally, prestigious assignments for brands within other categories - such as Lagerfield in fragrance, Dannon in water and Propel in energy drinks - have added to our experience base. Special structure package design for Dom Perignon champagne and Disney Duty Free are also in our portfolio, as are numerous others.

Two examples:

Captain Morgan Private Stock

The assignment: to restage the existing Captain Morgan Private Stock package label and glass to an outstanding image that would showcase this spirit and create the expectation and anticipation for what is inside the bottle. The bottle packaging must denote the authenticity, credibility and status of a fine rum brand. The solution: Mittleman/Robinson first created a new structure with premium cues derived from custom glass contours, glass textures, an embossed seal and understated neck closure. Next: label graphics suggesting how the Captain himself might label the rum he keeps only for special guests. The new package - custom container and its label - resulted in enhanced shelf presence, perceived value, unique character and incredible trade excitement about the brand's very special new offering.

Tanqueray Sterling

When Tanqueray management leveraged their experience in producing distinctive gin into creating and marketing exceptional vodka, they commissioned Mittleman/Robinson to produce an exceptional name and bottle packaging and design. After naming it Sterling to connote high quality and provide a British association, we set to work to devise its container. The brand owner gave us carte blanche. Our strategic branding advice: retain the essence of the well-known Tanqueray Gin Bottle for its sister product, but treat the glass with frosting which implies icy cold, "straight from the freezer" usage. Plus: merchandise the name through silver detailing via closure, ACL labeling, and metalized plastic shoulder seal. Result: the new structure treatment and integrated graphics not only helped Sterling achieve target market share within its first year of launch but to grow into a classic sub-brand through the years.

Other Mittleman/Robinson Credentials You May Find of Interest

Our Crown Royal Special Reserve case history within our package design online portfolio; structural package design for Don Julio Tequila, Disney and Stetson.