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Plastic Custom Container Design

Mittleman Robinson believes plastic custom container design -- if done correctly -- can be a formidable marketing tool. Functioning as much more than a product delivery device with customization techniques such as shape, color, texture, heft and individualized brand reference, the container also becomes a memorable canvas for product reinforcement. Based on how consumers interact with brands, the return on investment can extend far into the future.

Two examples:


Great Brands of Europe, a subsidiary of Group Danone of France, decided to leverage the Dannon name into the water category, presenting Mittleman Robinson with the ultimate marketing challenge: how do you differentiate a product that has no distinguishable characteristics, benefits or attributes from that of the competition? Next, how do you capture the number one position in the category? Our response was a custom structure that would enable the new brand to be pre-emptive on shelf. We positioned the product toward the future by "chiseling" an element of the international corporate identity (the recognizable Danone swoosh) into the bottle. This repeat pattern also creates a simple elegance, representative of smooth waves of water. Since the introduction of the new bottle, Dannon has captured the #1 position in national supermarket sales.

New Traditions

Gerber New Traditions' brand vision was to develop a premium line of infant feeding/ care products. The brand would be characterized by highly functional innovations and sleek, start of the art styling. Our charge was not only to establish a hierarchal system that would clearly differentiate the new bottle and interchangeable nipple system, but to create the product container as well. Our solution focused on smooth integration of a branding and informational panel with a structure that comfortably houses the product and supports the new brand's unique and contemporary personality. Completed in record time in order to launch against a strong competitive threat, the brand positioning was on strategy for imminent success.

Other Mittleman Robinson Credentials You May Find of Interest

Bottle packaging and design for Propel Fitness Water, marketed by Pepsi; structural package design for Disney; custom glass for Crown Royal Special Reserve.