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Structural Package Design

A natural outgrowth of our bottle packaging & design and plastic custom container design has been the expansion of custom structures per se. Mittleman/Robinson has been commissioned to create special housings for brands as diverse as Chivas Regal, Dom Perignon, Gerber, Mentadent and Disney Duty Free to cite some specifics.

Two case histories:

Disney Duty Free

Developing a magical brand image for Disney's Mickey's World brought out the "child" in all of us. Our first mandate was a structural system to contain products ranging in price from $99 to $5: a silk tie to compete with Hermes and jewelry such as Minnie's earrings. Primary objective: to first make the shopper smile. Very important: see-through packaging to showcase the products in upscale airport duty-free shops. We decided upon intriguing, whimsical die-cuts that showcase the wide product range in a unique fashion. We then added rich, blue backgrounds featuring a subtle tone on tone Mickey pattern and bright ribbon treatments to provide a sophisticated solution for category differentiation - red for the less expensive, gold for the higher priced products.

Next, we provided strategic branding advice for Disney licensees: the ribbon could be curled playfully into unlimited shapes: a heart for a Valentine t-shirt, a flower to surround a young girl's jewelry, etc., with choices of travel-related, charming repeat pattern fabrics to complete the brand look. A host of choices was provided within branding guidelines with enough variety to keep the brand fresh, enough flexibility to allow licensees to be inventive within the guidelines. Extending beyond packaging, the program grew into custom corporate identity.

Chivas Regal

Chivas Regal likes to provide unique holiday packaging for its consumers and challenged Mittleman/Robinson to devise a totally new approach to stimulate sales at point of purchase. Instead of the traditionally disposable carton, we opted for this elegant, value-added structural package design - a reusable book safe. It can later be used to store cash, valuables, or perhaps a treasured bottle of Chivas Regal Scotch Whiskey. We added heraldic detailing embossed on foil side panels while the back, top and bottom panels represent pages of a closed book. To complete the image, the finely executed, hinged front panel emulates three books stacked side by side. The result: consumers inspired to do more gifting of Chivas. An inventive package and a fun assignment.

Other Mittleman/Robinson Credentials You May Find of Interest

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